Avanade Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services FY24: 1 day briefing

Avanade, Inc.

The Banking Accelerator

Banks acknowledge that they need to improve both customer acquisition and retention, increase cross- and up-sell rates and simplify processes for both the customer and the employee. For these reasons, we have developed a Banking Accelerator that is designed to help in these priority areas: Customer acquisition and retention Better lead management Improve the customer onboarding experience Reduce time for account opening Cross- and up-selling productivity Increase the productivity of your sales teams Develop proactive financial notification Help customers plan for the long term Process simplification Back-office automation Service simplification Internal efficiency

Our Banking Accelerator is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and Power BI platforms and has the following templates and services:
 Industry data model: This uses a predefined, industry relationship data model with more than 1,100 attributes, entities and templates and prewritten schema and solution documentation.
 360-degree relationship view: This includes views on loans, credit cards and deposits.
 Lead prioritization: Apply lead and opportunity tracking, score and prioritize leads to focus on key opportunities and integrate with marketing models for targeted campaigns.
 Onboarding: Use processes for onboarding, review sample customer and loan application portals, and leverage the onboarding document management Power App.
 Reporting and dashboards: This includes predefined opportunity reporting for lending, branch and LOB managers; aggregated business data and KPIs highlight LOB performance and goal attainment.
AI models: We leverage customer data and extract insight to provide a personalized experience.

*Price is based on scope of work

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