TTEC Digital Solution for Genesys Cloud: 2 Week Implementation

TTEC Digital

TTEC Digital Agent for Genesys Cloud supports seamless transitions from chat bot to virtual agent to help you ensure the optimal experience for every customer.

Due to their flexibility, quickly evolving capabilities, deep customization options and ability to empower customers, chat bots have quickly become a critical communication channel. When seeking support via a brand’s web site or mobile application, many customers naturally turn to chat as their go-to channel for answers or guidance.

Despite their rising popularity, chat bots are not all powerful – many customer interactions require the involvement of a live agent. When a customer decides to seek the assistance of a live agent, that transition must occur seamlessly and efficiently. The implementation of TTEC Digital Agent for Genesys Cloud will address:

  • Seamless Transitions
  • Skills-based Routing
  • Customizable Agent Information including full chat transcript, contextual highlights, sentiment prediction and more
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Native Integration with Genesys Cloud

Services Provided*

  • Integration of Microsoft Power Virtual Agent to Genesys Cloud queue
  • Routing based upon skills, department or specialization
  • Customizable Agent Information
  • Deployment of virtual agent in Teams, Web Chat and/or mobile

*Est. dependent on number of topics / conversation branches and skill routing complexity

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