GoDaddy Defederation: 1 Week Implementation

Big Green IT - Dev

Companies are choosing to move their Microsoft 365 licenses from GoDaddy to another provider. At Big Green IT, we provide a custom solution to move those licenses that is seamless, quick and secure

Our licensing team will review your existing GoDaddy Microsoft 365 licenses and provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have. Upon your approval, we will transfer everything in your Microsoft 365 environment to Big Green IT. Then all of your users will be asked to do a password reset to complete the process.

How We Do It?

° Big Green IT uses custom transfer tools to move everything in your Microsoft 365 environment via defederation, including your email, files, Teams info, custom configurations, and settings to Big Green IT ° We will validate to ensure everything is complete
 and transferred ° Our onboarding team will introduce themselves and welcome you to Big Green IT and communicate all support, billing, and Big Green IT contact info to you.

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