Construction Management: 1-Day Assessment


Construction and Project Management solution helps your organization to create realistic budget with key milestones and manage end-to-end construction processes.

OVERVIEW Success in Project Management starts with the preparation of a realistic budget with key milestones and is achieved through utilization of the resources in the best possible planned way and in a timely manner. Instant availability of the reports to show the progress in every activity in physical and monetary terms, costs and revenues and every other information needed for the project are critical to the project management. The timely accurate information saves time for managers and enables them to make proactive decisions. CONSPRO Construction and Project solutions developed on Microsoft Dynamics Supply Chain Management provide you with accurate, instant information at the desired detail level. The information to be processed is entered into the system at their source for all units and for all phases. Each unit contributes to the whole project in line with their role and responsibilities within the project management. OUTCOME OF THE ASSESSMENT Construction Management: 1-Day Assessment will create a list of requirements that will be implemented in the Project. Having the requirements list will allow the creation of a realistic Project Implementation Plan and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary operations. SCOPE OF THE ASSESSMENT In order to prepare a baseline for the Construction and Project Management (CONSPRO) Implementation Project following business processes will be analyzed within the scope of the assessment:

  • Budget Control
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Progress Payments
  • Contractors PRICING AND TIMELINE • 1 day / 1 Consultant (Remote) / Free

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