Blue Horseshoe RSAT 5-Week Implementation

Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc.

Automate the testing of your Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain management (SCM) environment leveraging the Blue Horseshoe Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) Implementation Workshop

RSAT (Regression Suite Automation Tool) is a testing tool that is designed to automate testing for various business processes in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (SCM). This tool, coupled with Blue Horseshoe’s years of industry expertise, provides you with quality tests that ensure the stability of your Dynamics 365 system after upgrades have been applied.

The Blue Horseshoe RSAT Implementation Workshop significantly reduces the amount of manual testing required after system updates have been applied. The tool is configured and designed to test any customizations, ISV logic as well as Dynamics 365 base processes across your organization.

Blue Horseshoe RSAT Implementation Process:

  1. RSAT Installation and configuration
  • This includes installing RSAT and configuring LCS/Azure DevOps
  • Includes 1 Tech Resource
  1. Business Process analysis and Test Plan creation
  • Analyze the business to identify the processes that must be tested after an update has been applied
  • Includes 1 Functional Resource
  1. Create the Test plan and execute in BPM/Azure DevOps
  • Create 25 RSAT task recordings
  • Import tests in RSAT
  • Execute test run in RSAT
  • Includes 1 Functional Resource
  • Includes 1 Tech Resource
  1. Client Training
  • RSAT overview
  • Guidance on Test Plan creation
  • RSAT Task Recording creation and execution
  • Includes 1 Functional Resource


1. Kickoff (1hr)
- Project discussion and online
- Prior to project start date
2. Week 1
- RSAT Installation and configuration
- Business Process analysis and Test Plan creation
3. Week 2
- Business Process analysis and Test Plan creation
4. Week 3
- Create RSAT test plan
5. Week 4
- Finalize 25 task recordings
- Assist with RVP engagement
- Execute a test run
6. Week 5
- Client training.

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