Dynamics 365 Retail Implementation Accelerator: 4-Wk Assessment

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Leverage Engage Group’s proven project methodology, infused by industry accelerators for retail companies, and built on Microsoft Success by Design to ensure value-driven outcomes.

The retail industry is witnessing a significant shift towards seamless omnichannel experiences, where online and offline channels are integrated to provide a cohesive customer journey. Personalization through advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent, enabling retailers to tailor their offerings to individual preferences.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail, powered by a comprehensive suite of business applications, are perfectly positioned to accommodate for end-to-end business process support for retail organizations through Dynamics 365 and its suite of purpose-built SaaS applications.

Dynamics 365 Retail Implementation Accelerator

Adopting the “Retail accelerator for Dynamics 365”, clients could expect to gain the following outcomes:
  • Recommended Dynamics 365 first-party apps providing a clear solution scope
  • Recommended Dynamics 365 third-party certified add-ons to ensure industry dept support
  • Dynamics 365 business process catalog including “Order-to-cash” flow charts ensuring best-practices way of working for retail industry
  • Budget estimates for implementing Dynamics 365 supporting the business decision
  • Deliverables from the discovery phase includes:
    • Solution Blueprint
    • Resource allocation
    • Environment and tools enablement
    • Budget estimates
    The retail accelerator encompasses capabilities from the following Dynamics 365 workloads:
    • Dynamics 365 Commerce
    • Dynamics 365 Finance
    • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
    • Dynamics 365 Sales
    • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
    • Dynamics 365 Marketing
    • Power Platform
    Upon completed Discovery phase, pricing will be determined based on scope of work.

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