Spark365 Starter Kit: 5-Wk Implementation

Calsoft Systems

A rapid and affordable Business Central implementation for small businesses that can benefit from the robust built-in predefined core settings.

Spark365 mission is to make ERP more accessible to small businesses by offering an implementation that fits the affordable license model, with the needs of SMBs in mind, and at price point that makes sense for a lean, growing company.

The Startup kit is an excellent choice for a company who needs core financial processing without any tailored accounting parameters or constraints. It’s ideal for forward-thinking small companies who want to purchase one software that fulfill their accounting/operational needs through multiple next stages of growth and will stay with them for years to come.

What Spark365 Provides in Starter Kit:

  • Activate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with predefined settings
  • Easy-to-Use templates for data migration
  • Simple guidance on migrating data, setting up system, and generating reports
  • Integration with your existing Office365
  • Training and workshops on how to use the system
  • Go-live review

See Starter Kit for complete details on what is included.

Customer’s Role in Process:

  • Finalize and confirm the project schedule based on our standardized template schedule
  • Populate items from templates and import data (master data and balance data)
  • Validate data after data import
  • Complete training sessions

Spark365 is powered by Calsoft Systems, a Gold-Certified ERP consulting company that has worked on hundreds of successful projects for global companies over the last 20+ years. Spark365 was created in response to a need for a new type of ERP implementation for small to midsized businesses who do not need the rich consulting and customizations required of larger, complex companies. The process is efficient, affordable, powerful and simpler than ever before.

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