Full PIM implementation in only 1 week!


The primary objective of this implementation project is to implement our Dynamicweb PIM module, ensuring seamless support for your regular day-to-day product information management needs. Additionally

Full PIM implementation in only 1 week!

Obtain comprehensive implementation of the PIM module, inclusive of all essential training required to utilize the PIM solution effectively!

The primary objective of this implementation project is to implement our Dynamicweb PIM module, ensuring seamless support for your regular day-to-day product information management needs. Additionally, we aim to deliver comprehensive training to ensure that users are proficient in utilizing our product independently. Upon completion of this project, users will be proficient in utilizing the solution autonomously.

You will get a full implementation of Product Information Management (PIM) is a powerful single-source-of-truth (SSoT) engine that allows you to consolidate, enrich and validate product data in one place and publish to any channel to deliver consistent and engaging product experiences everywhere. This offer provides your company with a comprehensive solution for managing the product data. Based on our many years of experience in implementing NP Retail for our customers. If there is a need for further education, we are happy to help on an hourly basis.

Dynamicweb offers an all-in-one cloud-based All-In-One eCommerce platform to deliver better digital customer experience. It’s easy to implement, use and customize. In fact, Dynamicweb enables retailers to unify all parts of their business, make better decisions and provide excellent customer service

Prior to project start: • Ensure that the Dynamicweb Ecommerce platform is operational. • Conduct discussions regarding the customer's product portfolio to assess the structure of their product data. • Note that the estimation pertains exclusively to the hours dedicated to PIM tasks and excludes integration, project management, and ecommerce configuration efforts. Step 1: Onboard • Acquire necessary licensing for the Dynamicweb PIM module. • Set up the PIM warehouse structure and define warehouse groups as per customer requirements. • Define and configure the attributes necessary for product information management, ensuring alignment with the customer's product portfolio. • Establish attribute inheritance rules and placement configurations at group, variant, and language levels to streamline data management. • Simplify the process of onboarding data from different sources, internal and external, and create a powerful single-source-of-truth (SSoT) for your product information.

Step 2: Enrich • Import some or all products from the specified data sources, ensuring data integrity during the import process. • Establish a PIM enrichment workflow to guide users in enhancing product information with text, images, videos, translations, etc. • Set up the product variants structure if applicable, ensuring accurate representation of product variations. • Enrich product information with text, images, videos, and tailor the content with translations to drive conversions and offer a better product experience. Step 3: Distribute • Streamline content distribution: Optimize content distribution across channels, particularly the Ecommerce Shop, ensuring products are presented effectively in the frontend. • Configure product queries to match the customer's requirements, ensuring accurate and efficient retrieval of product information. • Set up defined Facets/Filters configuration using the product repository to facilitate easy navigation and filtering the products for customers. Step 4: Elaborate • Create user permissions tailored to different roles within the organization to control access to PIM functionalities. • Configure the PIM default dashboard to provide data-driven insights for evaluating the quality of product information and optimizing sales across all channels. • Conduct testing with the customer to ensure proper setup and provide assistance with any necessary corrections. Description of project scope: • Attributes: Seventy-Five attributes • Shops: One shop • Data sources: Two data sources • SKUs: 50,000 Training: Provide comprehensive training covering all aspects of the Dynamicweb PIM module, including but not limited to: • Overview of PIM functionalities • Configuration and setup procedures • Data onboarding processes • Enrichment workflows • Content distribution strategies • User permissions management • Dashboard utilization for insights • Ongoing support channel Prerequisites: • The customer is already a user of the Dynamicweb Ecommerce platform. • Customer has a single point of contact that can coordinate internally in own organization. • Change requests that fall outside of scope will be managed post go-live.

Once the implementation and training are completed, users will be fully equipped to utilize the Dynamicweb PIM solution effectively for managing their product information

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