Microsoft Windows Autopilot Services: 5-Day Proof of Concept

eGroup Enabling Technologies

Reduce IT complexity and eliminate time-consuming corporate re-imaging by shipping and deploying straight to users with Microsoft Windows Autopilot.

eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC. walks customers through the process of provisioning Microsoft Windows Autopilot settings to enable them to distribute PCs directly from OEMs to end-users, and to significantly reduce the effort involved with building new machines. Microsoft Windows Autopilot is a zero-touch, self-service Windows deployment platform. The Microsoft Windows Autopilot process runs immediately after powering on a new computer for the first time, enabling employees to configure new devices to be business-ready with just a few clicks. So today, your organization has a number of remote employees, many of whom who may continue to work from home full or part-time.

You want to deliver domain-joined machines to your remote workers. But how to give them a fully-imaged device, joined to the domain quickly and easily, without allowing your teleworker to have local admin rights?
One option: your IT team receives the new devices, wipes away the OEM Windows OS and applies your organization’s image device by device, reboxes the device and delivers to your remote users.
With Autopilot, your teleworker opens the box, connects the device to power and internet, authenticates, and the machine is configured. This 5 Day Proof of Concept gets you started.

Day One -
• Microsoft Windows Autopilot configuration 

Day Two -
• Deploy Office 365 ProPlus through Windows Autopilot deployment

Day Three -
• Up to 3 Windows device compliance policies

Day Four -
• Demo Microsoft Windows Autopilot Reset

Day Five -
• Documentation
• Questions and Answers

Your users simply open the box and sign in and Microsoft Windows Autopilot will take care of the rest by provisioning policies, profiles, and apps to the desktop and enabling the user to get to work almost immediately.  Save time and money by streamlining the desktop provisioning process and allowing your team to focus on what drives your business forward.

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