AI Security and Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Assessment Program


Master control over your data and get ready to deploy Copilot in 60-90 days with a simple engagement process

*This assessment program is free for eligible customers. "CONTACT ME" to check your eligibility.

Why participate? In the landscape of AI adoption and enablement, understanding how to effectively implement Microsoft 365 Copilot while navigating the challenges of regulatory compliance, data quality, and security becomes paramount. By participating in the engagement, you will: Address data governance and data access Ensure appropriate Data Security controls are in place Prepare for Copilot for Microsoft 365 deployment Explore Microsoft Funding options for Copilot Adoption

Engagement Highlights: Accelerate your business impact and security for Copilot through technical readiness Gain visibility into the users’ interactions with data Dynamically protect sensitive information from data oversharing through Copilot Retain or dispose of documents and define your path to secure your data for compliance

What to expect? Better understand how to prioritize and mitigate potential attacks, with:  Receive Microsoft and Exelegent Investment Funding to explore and deploy AI in your environment. Uncover opportunities to implement data security measures and improve data security posture. Dynamically protect sensitive information and data quality Leverage Data Governance and Copilot's AI capabilities across various organizational functions

Why Exelegent? When it comes to data monetization, you need an experienced partner. Exelegent is a cyber security and professional services company where efficiency is standard, and our customers are our partners. Headquartered in Freehold, NJ with supporting offices in Newark, NJ, and L’viv Ukraine, Exelegent leverages years of experience to bring about a world-class experience for our clients.

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