Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management: 12-Wk Standard Implementation

Folio3 Software Inc.,

Your go-to Microsoft Certified Gold Dynamics Partner for a quick and reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management implementation in just 12 weeks.

Our specialized division offers a broad spectrum of services around the Microsoft Dynamics stack, with a strong focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Dynamics Folio3's Standard Implementation service is designed to help businesses implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management within 12 weeks.


•Our first step will be to understand your business and the unique needs and pain points specific to your organization. •Next, we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your current processes and map the solution to fit seamlessly using standard features. •We believe in optimizing your operations by leveraging the out-of-the-box functionalities instead of reinventing the wheel. •We will also take the time to walk you through all the key features and functions of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. •If you are interested in integrating other apps or tools with Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, we can show you all the different options available.


Weeks 1-2:

•During these first two weeks, we'll work with you to identify your business requirements and review your current business processes in our Solution Discovery phase. •We'll set up your Finance and Supply Chain Management account, issue Microsoft Licenses and set up the environment, ensuring that your authentication and authorization protocols are in place. •We'll set up your sandbox environments and provide training to your trainers/admins so that they can onboard future users in the production environment.

Weeks 3-4:

•In these weeks, we'll configure the system for core financials, based on the requirements discovered and business processes reviewed. •This will include setting up your business legal entity with the localization package, charts of accounts, financials, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payment methods, payment terms, bank accounts, posting groups, locations, and dimensions.

Weeks 5-6:

•During this phase, we'll provide import templates for vendors, customers, items, and charts of accounts, and import your master records. •We'll set up sales and procurement, including sales order processing, delivery & shipping methods, and vendor management. •We'll also format the sales invoice layout and add your logo to transactional documents (quotes, order, invoices) to cater to your unique needs.

Weeks 7-8:

•In this phase, we'll conduct a CRP (Conference Room Pilot) session to demonstrate the configured processes to the client's power users and make any necessary adjustments. •Our team will provide targeted training to help power users of the company to achieve prompt proficiency with day-to-day usage of the application. •We’ll work with the client to create a User Acceptance Test (UAT) checklist to ensure that all requirements are tested before going live. •We will provide standard user manuals to help end-users get started with the application.

Weeks 9-10:

•In this phase, we'll identify and document any gaps in the system and create solutions to cover them. •We'll finalize the process flows and solutions design, covering fits and gaps and ensure that customers, vendors, and items are configured properly to create opening balances. •Our team will also conduct the User Acceptance Test (UAT) to ensure that the system is meeting the client's requirements and expectations.

Weeks 11-12:

•Go-Live: Planning and executing the final go-live phase, which includes transferring live data to the production environment, performing final testing and validation, and providing end-user support during the transition. •Post-implementation support: Our support services include assistance with issue resolution, system updates, and maintenance, as well as ongoing training and knowledge transfer. •We will create a knowledge-desk and a support ticket system as part of our Service Level Agreement (SLA) Levels i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Our Methodology:

Folio3’s Rapid Start Methodology is a set of tools and configurations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allows users to:

•Extract data from a database •Import data into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central •Utilize pre-configured templates in the ERP

The pre-configured templates help you setup the company with a configuration package which helps you setup the following in a very rapid way:

•General Ledger Setup •General Posting Setup •Inventory Posting Setup •Purchases and Payables Setup •Sales and Receivables Setup •Warehouse Setup •Service Setup

Client Responsibilities

•The client will provide a dedicated point of contact for the project. •The client understands that any changes to the project scope or timeline may result in additional costs.

Additional Information:

•Our offer covers the standard implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain for one company only. •This offer does not cover any custom functionality or report development.

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