Sustainability: 1-Hr Briefing


Understanding the Microsoft Sustainability Manager

The Goal of Sustainability is not exclusively pursued by the largest organizations. Many mid-sized and even smaller companies are seeking to "do their part".

Purpose of this Assessment

This no-obligation assessment is designed to review what you are doing to meet your sustainability goals, to see if Microsoft's Cloud for Sustainability Solutions would be a good fit.

This Assessment will focus on the following first-party solutions:

  • Microsoft Sustainability Manager
  • Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability data model.
  • Sustainability reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power Apps

What does this Briefing include?

This is a one-hour phone call with a Microsoft MVP expert to accomplish the following items:

  • Review your existing approaches to Sustainability.
  • Review your current goals and limitations.
  • Review the alternatives and approaches using the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.
  • Review the licensing options and costs.
  • Review potential services costs and timeframes.

This Briefing is offered by Forceworks Global. Led by two Microsoft MVPs, Forceworks is a recognized global leader for Microsoft's Business Applications.

This is an informational briefing for Line of Business owners or Decision Makers, it is not tutoring for users. or a sales call.

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