Predict: Retail Demand Planning-Free 2 Hr Workshop

Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware invites you to a 1-on-1 workshop for retail companies looking for an AI/ML driven advanced analytics demand planning solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Commerce & Supply Chain.

Predict-Demand Planning’ is Hexaware’s retail analytical tool to sense customer preferences and other demand signals in real time, analyze and simulate various forecast scenarios (factoring for causals - price, promotion, competitive and effects – affinity, cannibalization, new products) by customer segments across channels, time horizon, product hierarches and functions - allowing for a single demand plan across functions and a truly collaborative and responsive supply chain.

In this 2-hour session, we will take you through a detailed approach on how our solution delivers value, and also where it fits in your suite of business and supply chain applications. The agenda of this workshop is:

  • Introduction to best practices for demand forecasting

Validate customer business context:

  • Discussion on findings from the assessment questionnaire
  • Key challenges in demand planning processes
  • Future-state vision, roadmap

Solution Deep Dive:

  • Predict Demand Planning Solution introduction
  • Solution Demo: * Case Study presentation – context, what challenges they were facing, and how Predict Demand Planning addressed those gaps? * Demonstrate the above case study in the application * Demonstrate how modelling and analysis is done? * Demonstrate key reporting business metrics – show some examples
  • Define scope and sign-off for POC

Pre-requisites for the workshop:

Hexaware will share a short questionnaire with the customer to get a few details about the current environment, business challenges, process maturity etc. to help us contextualize the workshop for the customer. The solution demo during the workshop will be based on some past case studies where customer has faced similar challenges and we have been able to solve them through our solution.

Next Steps:

Hexaware shall invite interested customers to sign up for a free PoC where we would demonstrate our Predict-Demand Planning tool in customer environment.

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