Predict Retail Demand Planning :1-Wk -POC

Hexaware Technologies

Discover how Hexaware's 'Predict' leverages advanced analytics integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Commerce and Supply Chain to reduce fulfilment lead times & lower operational costs

In this post COVID world, the need for omni-channel retailing has become more important than ever. There is now a heightened need to understand individual consumer preferences across multiple channels, predict demand clusters to ensure the right product is at the right location at the right time.

How ‘Predict’ can help you in accurate forecasting?

Predict-Demand Planning’ is a retail analytical tool to sense customer preferences and other demand signals in real time, analyze and simulate various forecast scenarios (factoring for causals - price, promotion, competitive and effects – affinity, cannibalization, new products) by customer segments across channels, time horizon, product hierarches and functions - allowing for a single demand plan across functions and a truly collaborative and responsive supply chain.

Benefits of using ‘Predict’ in your Demand Planning cycle:

  • Improved forecast accuracy of greater than 95%
  • Increased inventory turnover through reduced need for safety stock
  • Reduced “Out of stocks” by predicting increase in demand in advance
  • Better margins, through proactive, optimized markdowns
  • Improved customer satisfaction with high availability of right products at the right locations
  • Reduction in planning time and errors by sharing data across spreadsheets

To ensure seamless integration with your organizations enterprise systems, we have tightly coupled ‘Predict’ with Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 Commerce & Supply Chain which unlocks significant potential for your organization.

Free Proof of Concept offer:

In order to get you started we would like to offer you a free Proof of Concept to help you understand how our platform works while leveraging past data and metrics to simulate forecasts for a defined period and compare against the actual demand. Please contact us to know more on this free POC.

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