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Organizational Change Management: 2-Wk Assessment

Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions' Organizational Change Management (OCM) Assessment & Strategy offering provides the ultimate guidance for managing the change going on during and after your implementation.

Hitachi Solutions wants to help you assess your organization’s readiness for change and determine your readiness to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 while also defining a strategy for managing the change that comes with an implementation. Hitachi Solutions will work alongside your team to develop an action plan based on our assessment.


Our two week engagement includes the following:

Week one: Project Charter and Vision Statement, Change Management Assessment

During week one, we will review and assess your:

  • Strategic vision
  • Organizational structure
  • Historical context
  • Sponsorship and influencers
  • Nature and complexity of the change

Week two: Change Management Strategy

During week two, the team will develop a strategy inclusive of:

  • Benefits analysis
  • Branding
  • Sponsorship
  • Influencers
  • Communications
  • Training
  • Support


Present the Assessment and Strategy