D365 Marketing 2 Week Workshop

Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions Catalyst Envisioning Marketing Maturity Workshop


This two-week workshop takes a deep dive into energizing your marketing automation strategies through business value assessments, audience segmentation, persona modeling, journey mapping, presentations, labs, and workshops. During the workshop, participants learn their organization’s current level of marketing maturity and develop a plan to effectively automate aspects of the customer experience through marketing automation and aligning marketing more closely with sales performance. The workshop covers the six key foundations to marketing maturity: the Role of Marketing; Thought Leadership and Content; Alignment with Sales; Marketing Technology; Data, Analytics and Insights; and Impacting the Organizational Culture. During the workshop we will uncover the customer journey, counter-dependencies and process optimization.


Marketing Maturity Assessment

Roadmap & Deployment Sequence

Define Key Performance Indicators & Reporting

Point of View & Recommendation Analysis

Business Value Assessment


Week1: Understanding the core basics of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Week 1: Perfecting marketing automation to drive customer acquisition, retention and upselling

Week 1: Understanding your Customer Experience

Week 1: The keys to aligning sales and marketing teams

Week 2: Mapping marketing technology to core processes

Week 2: Establishing key metrics and insights

Week 2: How marketing can drive organizational agility

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