Zero Trust Baseline Pilot 8-Week Implementation


The Zero Trust Baseline Pilot offering is designed to put the customer on the journey to improve end user experiences and security for remote or on-site workers.

Value proposition – Whether users are working remotely or on-site, the Zero Trust Baseline Security Pilot is meant to understand the customer’s security goals and to develop the foundation of a baseline security posture by securing identities, applications, and devices. The pilot will help the customer prepare a successful platform to easily scale the baseline security framework to all users in the enterprise.

Eligible workloads - Azure Active Directory (SSO, Conditional Access, Identity protection, MFA, SSPR, IGA), Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and Microsoft 365 E3 or E5.

Customer benefits – 1) Quick assessment on your Microsoft 365 environment to improve security strategies aligning with zero trust principles. 2) Successful platform layout to roll out enterprise-wide business needs surrounding SSO, MFA, BYOD, remote management of corporate devices, etc. 3) Learn how to operationalize and build on Zero Trust security principles. 4) Customer immersion experience to help test and learn the tools used. 5) Discuss and review to embark on a more advanced end-to-end security journey with Invoke.

Planning workshops offer* - Invoke-led Microsoft funding may be available upon request.

Invoke scope of delivery - 1) Customizable based on customer's need and where they are at in their Zero Trust journey 2) Invoke engineer would deploy the configurations remotely based on the agreed scope during the assess phase 3) The pilot can include up to 600 users.

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