Financial Reporting: 2-Day Implementation

Logan Consulting

Logan Consulting is offering a flat-fee service to kick start your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations Financial Reporting project.

An expert from Logan Consulting will train your team how to best use Dynamics 365's out-of-the-box financial statement reporting tool, Financial Reporting. The team will be trained on how to create, design, and generate reports. The service will give your financial team the ability to utilize Financial Reporting to create a variety of financial statements. Logan Consulting will provide the team three standard reports and develop security roles.


  • Introduction to Financial Reporting
  • Accessing Financial Reporting
  • Three key modules of a Financial Reporting report
  • Three optional modules of a Financial Reporting report
  • Demo a report


  • Basic income statement
  • Basic balance sheet
  • Basic cash flow statement
  • Advanced security for roles to generate, design and/or view

Details of training

Introduction to Financial Reporting

  • Used to create financial statement reports such as balance sheet, cash flow, and income statement
  • Report designer – allows users to design, create and modify reports; depending on security/ security role
  • Report viewer – allows users to view reports

Accessing Financial Reporting

  • In GL under reports
  • Desktop shortcut
  • Separate application from Dynamics 365

Three key modules of a Financial Reporting report

  • Report definition which define each report; default reports come out of the box
  • Row definition which define the rows of your report; go into Dynamics 365 to show the link between main accounts/ main account categories
  • Column definition which define the columns of your report; row/ column definitions can be saved and used in multiple report definitions

Three optional modules of a Financial Reporting report

  • Reporting tree definition; used to define legal entity and financial dimension structure, show link to organization hierarchies in Dynamics 365
  • Report groups; who can view certain reports
  • Report schedules; generate reports on a scheduled basis
  • Demo a report

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