MSFT Cloud for Healthcare : 4 Days Workshop

Mazik Global Inc.

Understand the Value of Microsoft Health cloud and Benefits to Providers - 4 day workshop

Summary of the offer :

  • Workshop on Identifying areas Provider can improve in service delivery to patients utilizing Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Marketing Solutions.
  • IDEA workshop will Follow Microsoft Catalyst program approach to activate the Health cloud for best suited customers.
  • We will explore the 300+ applications that most providers have and where consolidation of these applications on Microsoft will benefit providers. 

Session topic :

  • Introduction and Understanding Current state
  • Knowing the gaps in Care
  • What are the opportunities to apply the Microsoft Health cloud
  • Review of outcomes

Outcomes delivered through this workshop :

  • Know where the Health Cloud best benefits Providers
  • Identification of outdated systems where redundancy can be eliminated
  • Show how the use of the CDM can drive value with AI and BI due to the Common Data Model

Deliverables :

  • Analysis of gaps in care and duplicate applications
  • Knowledge of best Microsoft Products to use
  • Next steps- POC

Our pricing is estimated based on the scope of work and efforts involved.

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