Mindtree Shipment Tracking - 4 weeks Implementation

LTIMindtree Limited

The Shipment Tracking applications helps users to efficiently track orders shipped to customers via third party logistics providers or carriers

The application will automatically fetch the latest shipment status of open orders from carrier portals and displayed to users. The application reduces the intensive manual task of tracking each shipment with different carriers thereby leading to increased productivity. A dashboard built on Power BI will display important KPIs including status of priority orders, delayed shipments, shipment that will miss SLAs. This application will free up business team’s time and helps them focus on orders that are delayed and take appropriate action. The Shipment Tracking application bundles the power of Power App, Power Automate and Power BI platform provides single source of truth, increases agility, improves user experience and drives business insights for real impact.

  1. Power Automate - Current delivery status of shipments from various carrier portals is fetched at regular intervals and shipment status of each order is updated in the database.

  2. Power App - Provides an intuitive user interface for users to check the details of a shipment in a form, can enter or update important notes on shipments and follow up made.

  3. Power BI Dashboard - Provides interactive data visualization with near real-time insights, helps monitor business KPIs, inflight orders, delayed shipments etc. Helps users to focus their energies on shipments that are delayed and missing SLAs.

Implementation Consulting Services for Shipment Tracking

  1. Publisher- Mindtree Limited
  2. Pricing- Contact us
  3. Gold competencies- Collaboration and content, Cloud Productivity, Application Development
  4. Products- Power App, Power Automate, Power BI
  5. State/Provinces- Global
  • The cost of implementation is confidential and will be discussed upon contact. Pricing to arrive after initial consultation*

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