BYOD 365: 6-week Implementation

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The BYOD 365 services gives you the ability to secure company data without managing your employee’s personal devices.

BYOD 365 balances data security with personal privacy for employees.

Your company data is secure in all your Office 365 apps, yet employee devices do not need to be managed by the company.

Our proven process involves three steps:

Step 1: Balanced BYOD Policy Document We consult with your IT, Security, HR, Finance and Managers to determine security and privacy requirements for your company. Then we develop a BYOD Policy document that balances security and privacy appropriately.

Step 2: Tiered Trust Model Not everyone in your company will have the same needs & required controls when it comes to security and privacy. Our Tiered Trust Model will help you define security and privacy requirements for different personas / use-cases.

Step 3: Implement in Intune Our engineers design and implement the appropriate settings and controls in your Microsoft environment for test and validation.

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