Passwordless Authentication: 2-week Assessment

Mobile Mentor

Passwordless Authentication is the art of using biometrics and single sign-on for your Windows device and applications.

Passwordless Authentication Workshop plans your switch to biometric authentication for Windows and applications using Microsoft 365 technology.

Our service provides you with a technical assessment, technical design and implementation plan to achieve Passwordless Authentication in your business.

After working with Mobile Mentor, you can expect Passwordless Authentication to the following:

  1. Windows 10
  2. All Microsoft Office 365 applications
  3. SSO compliant SaaS applications
  4. Eligible on-premise application

Our service is based on a series of three technical workshops:

  1. Discovery to understand your environment, current authentication process and your inventory of applications
  2. Technical design to configure biometrics and single sign-on for all compatible apps and work-arounds for your legacy applications
  3. Knowledge transfer to equip your team with an implementation plan and best practices to enable password-less authentication

Security will be vastly improved by reducing or eliminating the use of passwords and your employees will absolutely love the experience.