Customer Insights-in-a-Day 1-Day Workshop


Unlock AI-driven insights to power personalized customer experiences

Combat customer frustration and disloyalty to meet rising expectations for relevance, recognition and continuity. This 1 day workshop provides hands-on training and planning opportunities utilizing Customer Insights to unify customer data across a range of sources to provide a 360-degree view to marketing, sales, and service professionals with the insights they need to personalize engagements.

What It Is: 1 Day of sessions to train and empower your teams with Customer Insights Fixed cost – May be offset with funding for qualifying accounts

The Workshop Agenda: • Data Assessment • Training on mapping, matching, merging and enriching data sources • Learn how to segment your customers/clients/members into views • Customer journey timeline designed in Customer Insights • Recommended Next Steps

Client Deliverables: • Current state analysis of your data availability and readiness • Identify a program to drive a successful Customer Insights deployment