Customer Insights: 1-Wk Proof of Concept


In a week, you can have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights providing you actionable information about your customers from a variety of different data sources.

Pre Workshop

Our team of experts will provide a series of questions about the existing data sources in your organization to allow us to prepare for integration We’ll also ensure that you have the proper licenses. Finally, we’ll ask for any sets of business KPIs that are already being measured.


We’ll begin by reviewing with your core team the base functionality of Customer Insights and the types of learnings that can be gleaned from the environment. Next, we’ll work with your team to finalize the KPIs you’re looking to see. Finally, we’ll agree the relevant access controls.

Weekly Tasks

Over the course of a week, we’ll connect your Customer Insights platform to the relevant public and private data sources. We will also integrate with your PowerBI platform for reporting. The goal of our efforts during the week are to provide as many pieces of critical information as we can given the time duration.


Because your business isn’t static: the items you are measuring and reporting on shouldn’t be either. Given the short duration of the effort, there may be more complicated sources to connect that require additional time, or data normalization, to be accurate. We'll work with you on a roadmap to get there.