Optimus Accelerator for Food & Beverage: 10-14 Week Implementation

Optimus Business Transformation LLC

Transform your business in 10-14 weeks! Say goodbye to slow, outdated processes and hello to an efficient supply chain

  • Wondering how you can provide your customers with a seamless ordering and delivery experience?
  • Struggling with managing your inventory effectively and avoiding stockouts
  • Needing to reduce spoilage and expiratory dates of perishable inventory items?
  • Curious about how you can stay on top of the latest trends and meet the changing demands of your customers?
  • Finding it challenging to maintain consistent product quality and ensure food safety?
  • Having difficulty managing transportation costs and ensuring timely deliveries to your customers?

Our rapid methodology means you can be up and running in just 10-14 weeks, without the need for costly customizations.

Transform your food & beverage wholesale and distribution business with our ERP and barcoding solution!

Optimus Accelerator for Food & Beverage is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and powered by technologies from around the world.

Optimus Accelerator for Food & Beverage enables you to:

  • Integrate and automate accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, date management, lot tracking, bank reconciliation, and customer transaction information.
  • Gain agility and reduce human errors in your picking, counting, receiving and transfer processes with our integrated barcoding solution, improving product turnover by gaining visibility on your inventory.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering orders accurately and faster, ultimately increasing productivity and margins by delivering precise orders.
  • Generate real-time reports on customer transactions and inventory management.
  • Control your receiving by gaining agility and improve returns and claims to suppliers using handhelds while reducing paper usage.
  • Track your perishable products with ease and confidence.

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