Secure Hybrid Identity - Defender for Identity: 6 week Implementation


Secure Hybrid Identity: Defender for Identity - identify vulnerabilities in on-premises AD, empower companies to understand risks involved and enable ongoing monitoring to identify new vulnerabilities

The aim of this engagement is to assist you in the deployment of Defender for Identity and ensure that the people responsible for IT understand latest risks to your traditional on-premises Active Directory. The project will run over 6 weeks and the key outcomes are:

IDENTIFY - We will use Defender for Identity to create a report of vulnerabilities in your traditional Active Directory PROTECT - We will explain the vulnerabilities to those responsible for IT and security and help guide you on a journey to improved security by RAG-rating results and identifying quick wins DETECT - After project closure, Defender for Identity will still run and can be used to identify new threats and new vulnerabilities that qarise as a result of change

From experience of previous implementations carried out, we have been able to pick up on vulnerabilities that are not found by incumbent SOC/SIEM solutions.

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