Performanta MXDR Services


Performanta’s Consultancy and MXDR service is built on Microsoft’s Endpoint Detection and Response technology, and combines the critical elements required to provide enterprise-class cyber security.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Defender for Cloud provide best-in-breed threat intelligence for workstations and servers, as highlighted both in Foresters and Gartner’s 2022 quadrants. Having the best technology doesn’t necessarily mean that the solution is providing everything you need to be Cyber Safe, which is where Performanta’s team of architects, engineers, analysts and threat hunters come in.

Performanta's Consultancy Services will help you prepare for running the XDR service. They can be involved in all aspects of Design and Deployment of Microsoft 365 security technology to ensure that it is configured appropriately.

Performanta’s MXDR service (built on Microsoft’s Endpoint Detection and Response technology) combines the critical elements required to introduce enterprise-class cyber security to businesses:

  • Effective security at a viable cost
  • Human intelligence
  • 24x7 monitoring backed by security orchestration

All these elements are integrated into one effective turnkey solution designed to keep your business one step ahead of security threats.

Performanta’s service addresses the following challenges in the Cyber Security industry:

Skills shortage: Due to a shortage of appropriate skills in the Cyber Security industry, organisations are finding it difficult to recruit and keep professionals. Performanta’s MXDR service helps ensure that our clients can augment their security expertise and staff. Threat detection: Incidents may go undetected for a long period of time. The longer the attack, the higher the cost and impact. Performanta’s MXDR service offers detection and response times that are backed by service level agreements (SLAs) on a 24x7 basis. Threat identification: Sophisticated attacks such as advanced persistent threats employ tools and techniques that help attackers remain undetected by most traditional security solutions. Performanta’s MXDR service detects and remediates these threats by implementing proactive threat hunting to compliment technology deployed. Alert volume/fatigue: Technology generates an overwhelming quantity of security alerts, including a large volume of false-positives. Attempting to handle so many alerts can quickly lead to alert fatigue. This challenge can make an organisation stop actively monitoring alerts or only monitor certain activities. Performanta’s MXDR service offers the technology and expertise required to efficiently monitor an environment and quickly catch security incidents.

Our next-generation platform is designed from the ground-up to detect and prevent new and sophisticated threats, as well as known threats, and is fully aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework:

  • Sophisticated behavioural and machine learning-driven threat protection
  • Detection and prevention of ransomware, zero-day exploits, privilege escalation 
  • No daily updates required – signature-less threat protection
  • Attack timeline visibility and context
  • Light incident response – threat containment and remediation

An all-encompassing unified solution to provide a multitude of security solutions for organisations.  Combining people and security orchestration, designed to secure and continually improve your entire business security against today’s threats, including:

  • Full visibility of your security-related endpoint activity
  • Digital Presence and Attack Surface Discovery
  • 24x7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Threat Hunting & Threat Intelligence
  • Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)
  • Approved Next Generation Antivirus (AV/EPP)

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