Microsoft 365 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) Penetration Testing: Security Posture Assessment

Philistin & Heller Group, Inc

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Penetration Testing provides Automated Security Validation for your Microsoft 365 Infrastructure

Our Artificial Intelligence Internal Penetration Testing platform provides a proactive method and toolset to measure, test/validate, and maintain security posture for your Microsoft 365 Infrastructure.

Regularly scheduled scans of your Microsoft 365 Infrastructure (Domain) are performed (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and/or Ad-Hoc) to identify Vulnerabilities. The AI platform then uses Ethical Hacking functions based on vulnerabilities found to demonstrate exploits that can be achieved by malicious actors. All Ethical Hacking and exploit achievements are benign in nature and will have no impact on your operational workflow or functionality of the Microsoft 365 environment. Vulnerabilities and exploit achievements are reported within the platform with prioritized remediations, which can be simulated and displayed in a graphical attack map demonstrating how remediations will eliminate pathways for malicious actors.

Priced Per IP/Node, monthly on an annual agreement, Candor Protect: AI Penetration Testing as a Service enables organizations to realize improved efficiencies regarding the analysis of threats and identification of remediation efforts. In turn, reducing risk and cost associated with breaches, performance issues, unplanned outages, and remediation efforts for your Microsoft 365 environment.

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