Modern Workplace Discovery: 3-Day Assessment


The Modern Workplace Discovery will identify the current workflows & determine how SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive & other features of Office 365 can be leveraged to improve efficiency and collaboration.

Whether you are new to Office 365 or have already started using it, our Modern Workplace Discovery and Assessment can help your organization to learn how to best leverage the features in Office 365 including:

  • Outlook,
  • SharePoint,
  • OneDrive,
  • Teams,
  • and more.

The discovery will include a deep dive into how your organization is currently working to recommend best practices on how you can utilize Office 365 in your environment.

Recommendations may include centralizing and sharing documents, the best way to collaborate with teammates and clients, live file syncing, security and data governance.

A final report will include a summary of the envisioning sessions and a roadmap on how best to implement the solution.

A phased implementation approach will allow your organization to create a self-sustaining environment by selecting your priority areas and associated timelines and resources.

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