Fiscal printer for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Retcon Sp. z o.o.

Fiscal service supporting printouts and fiscal processes together with the receipt handling module as a functional extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The Retcon solution enables printing fiscal documents (receipts) on fiscal devices for customers using the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation system without the Commerce module. The solution consists of two components: Receipt handling module and Fiscal Service. The receipt handling module is responsible for: • Definition of the pool of fiscal printers for each retail outlet • Definition of fiscal printers and their parameters, such as header, footer definition, VAT rate mapping • Communication with the Fiscal Service • List of all receipts along with the current fiscalization status • List of printed daily reports • Current status of each of the installed fiscal services • System entities enabling quick import of retail orders, updating the printer pool definition, defining fiscal printers, reading receipts with lines, reading the status of fiscal services The Fiscal Service is responsible for: • Communication with the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations system online • Programming the receipt header and footer • Definition and update of VAT rates in the fiscal printer • Printing a receipt/VAT invoice on the first free printer defined in the pool of fiscal printers • Automatic printing of daily sales reports • Non-fiscal printouts, such as vouchers/GSM top-ups • Handling returnable packaging • Automatic notification mechanism in case of printer unavailability (out of paper, device open, etc.) • Records of the history of operations performed in your own local database

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