Business and Professional Services Catalyst: 3-day Workshop

RSM Product Sales LLC

RSM’s workshop helps identify challenges that organizations in the BPS industry face. The catalyst process will help you to envision how Dynamics 365 can be leveraged to help address these challenges.

RSM’s catalyst workshop is a comprehensive, diagnostic tool focused on identifying opportunities to improve operations and drive business growth. By addressing an organization’s pain points, we can uncover the root cause and develop a road map for improvement. Leveraging apps like Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service, and Project Operations, we have helped organizations of all sizes achieve cost savings and efficiencies through sustainable change.

There are 4 steps in our process leveraging the I.D.E.A framework to facilitate digital transformation throughout your organization.


  • Start by finding the transformation strategy that is right for you. Define and prioritize your strategy using development activities, then foster ideation and drive decision making with an envisioning workshop.


  • Next, build a compelling case for change by discussing business and technological impact. During this, you will quantify the ROI (return on investment) and financial benefits that include revenue growth, cost savings, and employee efficiencies.


  • Help others across your organization see the value in your business transformation story by creating visual assets and immersive experiences—promoting buy-in and getting alignment on commitments.


  • In this final stage, go from envisioning to execution. Bring in the resources you need to execute your strategy and carry out your business transformation across departments—and then measure its success.

    Agenda and Deliverables

    Day 1 – Create a Prioritized Development Activity Plan
    Day 2 – Develop Business Process Enhancement Recommendations
    Day 3 – Create Technology Roadmap and Phased Execution Plan

    “Digital transformation is not only about doing things differently, but doing different things – from gathering and analyzing data for smarter decision-making, to engaging clients, customers, and suppliers in new ways.”

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