Regression Suite Tool: 7 Week Implementation

RSM Product Sales LLC

A Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) implementation service delivering test suites created using 75 task recordings. Task recordings are created, tested and automated in your environment.

The Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) implementation led by the RSM Center of Excellence empowers you to automate your test scripts and the testing of your Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management environment by creating test suites with your specific processes in mind.

RSAT Overview

  • Enables functional users to automate testing with no code.
  • Reduces time and cost of user acceptance testing prior to Microsoft updates/customization in core code
  • Enables regression testing to ensure no defects are introduced in unchanged areas of the software
  • Integrates test suites into Azure DevOps and allows for automatic running of test suites at a selected cadence with pipeline
  • Decouple test parameters from task recorders allowing for flexibility in testing with a wide range of specified input
  • Provides dashboard of test run in Azure DevOps


  • RSAT installation and configuration, BPM/LCS/Azure DevOps setup
  • Release validation plan (RVP) creation with your team and RSM SME collaboration for 75 of your task recordings
  • Creation and execution of test suites using your RVP
  • Client hand off and education
  • Creation of test suites, execution in RSAT and automated in Azure DevOps pipeline *Note: Additional task recording packages available upon request


  • Up to 10 attendees
  • 1 hr kick off call prior to start date
  • Discuss prerequisites
  • Answer any questions

Week 1

  • RVP creation
  • Learning your processes
  • Create 75 task recordings via RVP

Week 2–Week 6

  • Continue task recoding creation
  • Develop test suites using 75 task recordings and chain
  • Test and fix task recordings and suites

Week 7

  • Testing and approval
  • Azure DevOps pipeline setup
  • Client Hand off

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