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Velosio offers a Change Management Assessment, focusing on the People Side of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations to optimize implementation success.

Organizational Change Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 at Velosio

Velosio offers an Organizational Change Management Assessment to Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers to assist with the People Side of the technical implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Microsoft Dynamics 365, or other Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dynamics applications.

The most important component for a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 application implementation is getting users to use the application post-deployment.

Our goal is to partner with business leaders to optimize implementation success.

Velosio focuses on the Prosci Organizational Change Management methodology which emphasizes guiding individuals through change in order to achieve group change.

We do not focus on non-technical organizational changes (HR, org structure, comp. changes, etc.).

What does Change Management do?

  • Higher ROI: high user adoption ON DAY 1 leads to higher return on project investment.

  • Risk Mitigation: Mitigating risk means success out of the gate and avoids swing-and-miss with end users.

  • Meet Objectives and communicate those objectives upward, sideways, downward.

What happens when there is no Change Management?

  • User Acceptance Testing: UAT struggles due to false starts, and extended sign-off times.

  • Training Resistance and Choppy Logistics

  • Unprepared to launch:

    • "This training isn't relevant to me"
    • "My role is changing"
  • Long Term Usage Challenges:

    • "I keep everything in Excel"
    • "Onboarding for new resources is very time consuming"
    • "No long-term strategy for improvement or reinforcement"

Organizational Change Management Assessment

Over the course of 2-3 weeks, Velosio will build a Change Management Playbook and Strategy PowerPoint for your business applications deployment.

Your Commitment: With Velosio’s guidance, you will identify 5-6 Champions / Interviewees.

  • Individuals that we can have a 20 min 1:1 conversation with to flush out resistance concerns, training needs, and communication desires.
  • Post 1:1 interviews, you will attend a 60-minute read-out on change management recommendations.

Our Commitment: We will build your Plan for Change.

  • Provide insights into best practices on resistance, communication, and training.
  • Build detailed Change Management Playbook based on 1:1 interviews and experience with business applications deployments.
  • Assist in talk tracks for leadership or stakeholders on the importance of Change Management.
  • Deliver PowerPoint deliverable with all findings and recommendations that includes Champions Heat Map, Change Timeline reconciliation, analysis of job change and expectations, Learning Styles consideration


  • 2-3 Weeks

Link to Velosio Organizational Change Management - Free Consultation Offer:

Velosio Organizational Change Management - Free Consultation Offer

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