Unisys Managed Services for Microsoft Copilot

Unisys Corp / Blue Bell

Unisys aims to unlock the innovative potential of AI and revolutionize its clients’ productivity by leveraging Microsoft 365 Copilot to empower workers and usher in a new era of innovation.

Unisys Managed Services for Microsoft Copilot aim to give our clients direction in their AI journey in order to maximize their business potential and achieve more than ever before. The volume of communications, including emails, chats, documents, and meetings, is increasing annually. However, the time available to manage these communications remains constant. This often results in individuals feeling overwhelmed and unable to perform their primary job responsibilities effectively. The challenge of managing work before actually doing the work can be daunting. However, the advent of next-generation AI powered Microsoft Copilot offers a promising solution to this problem, potentially transforming the way we handle our workloads.

With that in mind, we have formulated three offerings which we see as the gateway to our clients getting the best out of Microsoft 365 Copilot.

  1. The Business Case for Copilot: A business case explains the rationale behind the Copilot and ties it to the company's goals, business outcome and ensuring strategic alignment. The engagement starts with a pre-workshop questionnaire which helps Unisys assess where the client is on their Copilot journey. Once this has been returned, a workshop will take place to conduct a deep dive into each of the questionnaire sections and begin to build a picture of the business, how it operates and where there are potential Copilot productivity gains. The user story workshop will capture a day in the life of each of the people identified to map out their scenarios on an hourly basis to capture their working day and the activities they spend time on. The commercial proposition provides a report which shows the total cost of the copilot licenses and where potential productivity gains could be made. This business case workshop helps secure funding and gain the support of stakeholders by building a clear and compelling vision for the copilot and evidence-based user productivity gains.

  2. Readiness Assessment: The readiness assessment workshop is designed to understand the client's technical and people readiness aspects. It aims to identify enablers and barriers to inform the planning of the implementation. During the workshop, clients are presented with a deep dive into the readiness areas of Microsoft 365 Copilot. The workshop also validates user groups and processes and discusses a high-level enablement plan covering each of the streams in greater detail. Upon conclusion, a Readiness Report is provided, which uses a Red-Amber-Green (RAG) rating system for each of the readiness streams. This report identifies gaps where additional value could potentially be delivered by Unisys.

  3. Early Adaptor Enablement: The engagement commences with a readiness validation session to confirm the client's adherence to the items specified in the readiness report. Any remaining remediation activities can be addressed and actioned either by the client or with assistance from Unisys. Before assigning Copilot licenses, the workstreams of the involved users are captured to establish a 'pre-Copilot' baseline. The enablement phase of the engagement initiates the Organizational Change Management (OCM) and training plan, and users with assigned Copilot licenses will start using the Copilot features based on their training. A final report will highlight the productivity improvements from the 'pre and post-Copilot' scenarios, demonstrating the value that the Copilot has brought to the business. User feedback will be collected, and discussions will be held with the client about the next steps for enabling more users.

*Pricing and timeframe will vary depending on scope.

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