Secure Workspace: 1 Day Workshop

Watserv Inc.

A 1-day workshop designed to help companies enable their remote work scenarios – rapidly and securely. Help your team stay connected and productive without sacrificing security and control.

Remote work is enabling millions of workers around the world to stay productive, helping organizations to maintain business continuity – this is a trend that is here to stay. This workshop is intended for IT decision makers looking to implement proven strategies for enabling secure remote work for their companies.

With this one-day workshop, we will show you how you can use Microsoft technologies to effectively enable your remote work scenarios by following the following steps:

  1. Enable cloud or hybrid identity - Single sign-on and self- service password reset
  2. Rapid deployment of Teams - Checklists, activation, installation, configuration
  3. Provide Adoption Kit - End user training, workload introductions & support resources
  4. Secure access to Teams - Conditional Access and MFA

These will be documented in a concrete Deployment Guidance Report.

In addition to the Deployment Guidance Report, you will also get:

  • Environmental & workload analysis, including a quick assessment of your security posture
  • A list of actionable recommendations to deploy hybrid identity, Microsoft Teams, and security
  • Teams & Security Adoption Kit, including end user training, workload introductions, and support resources
  • An inside look at Microsoft’s holistic approach to remote work and how it relates to your organization
  • Identification of potential blockers and challenges
  • Recommendation on free Microsoft 365 trials for immediate deployment
  • Technical guide for advanced remote work scenarios

As a benefit to participating in our Secure Workspace in a Day workshop, if you decide to proceed with a full Secure Workspace rollout (Essential, Standard, or Premium) with WatServ, we will credit the entire amount for this 1-day workshop against the full Secure Workspace project.

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