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With 365Performance DATEV you easily coordinate financial data with the tax advisor/the DATEV software. Export data on customers, vendors, accounts, postings and payment terms to standardized DATEV pro format and transfer it to the tax office/DATEV software. The extension also allows import DATEV data into Dynamics 365 Business Central.


  • Exports and imports exclusively in DATEV pro format
  • Export of items via gross or net method
  • Output of totals and balance lists by DATEV accounts
  • Storage of output in Dynamics 365 Business Central database

  • Import of posting batches with check routines and worksheet to correct and adjust imported postings

  • Add-On Consulting Services for introduction, setup, use and update
  • Wizards for setup and use
  • Individual role center and application areas for quick overview of important functions
  • Extensibilty through events


  • MAPPING of the specific DATEV account numbers to each G/L account
  • Possibility to individually define the DATEV AM/AV indicator per G/L account

  • EXPORT of financial data like account labels, customers/vendors master data, payment terms, posting batches
  • EXPORT of G/L Account balances
  • Limitation of the data to be exported by date range
  • Additional output of up to 20 selectable fields from customer and vendor entries
  • Consideration of foreign currencies

  • IMPORT of DATEV posting batches with individual blacklist for specific accounting numbers
  • Verification of import data and transfer into Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Posting keys now dependent on date
  • Import worksheet for processing posting, journal and archive

  • REPORTS - DATEV Journal, Test report data integrity, Output of the totals and balance lists according to DATEV accounts

Extension available starting at a price of 39€.

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Find the German version here.

Extension is designed for german Dynamics 365 Business Central databases and german regulations.

Supported editions:

Essential and Premium edition of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and United States

Supported languages:

German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), English (United States, United Kingdom), French (France, Belgium, Switzerland), Italian (Italy, Switzerland), Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium)

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