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Continia Banking offers advanced banking features, enhancing payment-related workflows (Preview)

Manually processing incoming and outgoing payments takes time and effort at best. Typing out your bank statements and payment advices is inefficient and error-prone, making it challenging to adhere to compliance guidelines. Increase your productivity with Continia Banking by minimizing manual work and keeping close track of all your liquidity-relevant data, freeing up time for more exciting stuff in your business.

Connected bank integration

Communicate with your bank and exchange payment details directly from your Business Central. Send your payments, receive bank statements and status updates, or download exchange rates through a thoroughly connected and secure bank integration.

Banking export and import

Generate payments in a single step - regardless of whether it’s debit or credit. Continia Banking covers the most frequently used payment types.

Save time and avoid errors by importing your bank statements into Business Central. Efficiently reconcile your open entries during the import process, and have payments automatically matched and applied using accounting rules.

One Payment Journal

Dealing with multiple payment journals can overcomplicate a simple payment, increasing the risk of errors and disrupted payment flow. Efficiently handle all your payments from different bank accounts and in foreign currencies using the same payment journal. Reduce your transfer fees by summarizing your payments automatically.

Payment suggestion

Dive deeper into your inbound and outbound payments. With payment suggestions, you can get a clear overview of all vendor or customer ledger entries, providing you with the ability to take everything into consideration. Add payment discounts, make partial payments, and much more with assurance that you know everything there is to know about the recipient.

Summarize payments

No more costly individual payments - summarize several payments to the same employee, vendor, or customer to reduce your overall banking fees. By summarizing your payments, you only pay a single transfer fee, helping you save a large amount of money in the long run.

Approval workflow

Set up a secure payment approval workflow for your payments to vendors, employees, and customers. Approve lines individually or in batches, and heighten efficiency by only enforcing the approval flow for payments above a defined amount. You can also enhance your payment security with added bank account verification to prevent errors and payment fraud by malicious actors.

IBAN lookup

Say goodbye to failed domestic and international transactions. Automatically generate your vendors’ bank account details by entering their IBANs. Use IBAN lookup to save time and ensure that all bank account information is correct and that their IBAN is validated.

Enhanced reconciliation

Optimize your match rate and reduce your workload. Automatically download, import, and reconcile your bank account statements. Set up reconciliation rules in Business Central to create new journal lines and match ledger entries that would otherwise be processed manually. This feature is available in the Bank Account Reconciliation and the Payment Reconciliation Journals.

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