Aptean Lot Management for Food and Beverage


Get a quick overview of any lot number and easily filter through the associated information.

Lot Management makes it possible to generate self-built lot numbers via lot number profiles and easily look up a lot number and its associated information on the Lot No. Information list. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Want to have all the information with just one look at a specific lot number? 

With Lot Management, this is possible. Lot Management allows you to create your own lot number profiles, exactly the way you want to the lot number to look. Choose all different elements, such as a date, a vendor element or a document number. Adding to that, if a maximum number of characters for a lot number should be allowed, for example, because of working with other external systems, this can be set up as well. 

Track and trace your products with a personalized lot number 

Because of the lot number profiles, you can now really see a lot of information by just looking at the number. For example, put in a best-before date and the date your received the shipment. When opening the Lot No. Information list, the page shows detailed information regarding the lot such as item number, variant code, description, quantity in inventory and base unit of measure. A perfectly good way to track and trace your products.

Features and benefits 

  • Access your lot card and all accompanying information on both desktop and tablet
  • Create your own lot number profiles
  • Use filters on the Lot No. Information list to create cross-sectional data or to slice data
  • Allow a maximum number of characters for a lot number


Lot Management is free to use for the first 30 days. A paid subscription is required after the trial expires. Please contact us for more information on the pricing. 

Supported Editions: 

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Supported countries: 

Netherlands, Denmark, France

Supported languages:

Dutch (Netherlands), Danish (Denmark), French (France)