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No-Code Integration Platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Web Connect is the only tool needed to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to the latest web platforms. Using Web Connect, Dynamics 365 Business Central will act as a client and connect to any REST/Json/Xml-based API and pull and push data, where you decide and control how the call should be structured and how the answer should be interpreted and what information should end up in and where. No code is needed to accomplish this, instead, you set up tables in Dynamics 365 Business Central as objects for export or import. Web Connect also supports receival of webhooks that may be used to push any type of Json/XML data into the integration queues of Web Connect.

Web Connect is specifically useful to integrate e-commerce platforms with own API where you would like to import web orders and export item and inventory data, but it is by all means not limited to this. Other integration applications include but are not limited to Warehouse Management System (WMS), Purchase Portals and EDI Order and Invoice management.

Key Features:

  • Analyze incoming messages and associate every part of the message to one or more specific tables, down to the field number level. Can create or update any non-posted table in the system.
  • Fully flexible export functionality where you down to field level can decide if a modification, insert, deletion or other system event will trigger an export to the web i.e. inventory updates.
  • Great overview functionality with in- and outboxes with automatic e-mail monitor on errors for maximum control.
  • An HTTP Client Tool that can be used for Service Buses, REST APIs, SOAP APIs or any HTTP server. Monitor or change your web entry request and view response like Postman.
  • Let your external application send any type of webhooks which can be configured to update or create data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central directly or call your external API and collect new data.
  • Read, Create or Update files to Azure Blob Storage. All messages created in Web Connect can be exported to or imported from an Azure Blob Storage.

Example integrations

  • E-commerce platforms (Episerver / Optimizely, Magento, Askås, Norce, Shopify, etc)
  • POS-systems (Sitoo)
  • Warehouse Mangement Systems (Ongoing, 3PL Central etc)
  • Vendor Integration Portals for Purchase Order flow (Amazon etc)
  • E-Invoice (Edifact etc)
  • Data Warehouse export for BI
If you do not know or have time to set up any of these integrations by yourself, we can set it up for you and provide you with the education needed for you to support it onwards. We are currently setting up standardized integrations to vast number of platforms.

Supported Editions:

The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

All countries.

Supported Languages:

This app is available in English (United States) and Swedish.

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