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Start immediately with ERP, a package of additional extensions developed for the Italian companies.

FAST START-UP: Do you need to add to Microsoft’s ERP the extensions that make you work immediately as a typical Italian company, by adding customizations only if necessary?
Tempo Zero Cloud solution is the answer

MEET THE NEEDS OF YOUR COMPANY: Your people need to keep working according to their established habits in SMBs and when an ERP is launched, they need customized developments, because the improvement, the extension of some features, the preparation of certain printouts and reports are essential to make work smoother and more effective

BRING BENEFITS TO YOUR BUSINESS: You can activate all the extensions you need, even in your company: ready to be used by your employees! We have realized them starting from the requests of our best Italian business clients

TEMPO ZERO CLOUD HELPS YOU: Here’s how Tempo Zero Cloud helps you, by cutting costs and time to start your business up with Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. Below you can find a non-exhaustive list of features:

- the complete management of Electronic Invoicing and Digital Storage, directly from the dashboard inside the ERP (pre-requisite FE LITE CLOUD/FE FULL CLOUD Apps)
- the verification and validation the master data of Customers/Vendord/ltems
- the ORDER LINES CLOSURE to have order portfolio data without "misprints"
- the PACKING LIST and related prints, by integrating sales notes and shipment documents
- fault warnings during the compiling of the Chart of Accounts
- the management of FREE SHIPMENT DOCUMENTS, i.e. logistics documents not strictly associated with specific orders
- the extension of the rules for calculating PRICES and DISCOUNTS
- the AUTOMATIC COMPILATION of IBAN codes and bank data in the master data of customers and suppliers bank accounts
- enhanced features about Grouped shipments and receivings
- the storage of orders and offers: it allows to NOT ELIMINATE the historical of Offers and Orders to the closing of the flow
- job order management and direct task on sale and purchase lines and on free shipment documents
- the improvement of the OPERATING REPORTS and the addition of new ones
- the generation of administrative reports suitable for the ltalian enterprises
- the extension of the Split payment features
- the management of LETTERS OF INTENT
- the STAMP DUTY for the cases of exempt invoices
- the ACCOUNTING DESCRIPTION: you can modify before posting the documents
- the Competence Date management in the generai journal entries and in the lnvoice and Credit Note lines
- and more: Customers/Vendor Agings, Extra-accounting G/L entries, Price list by customer..

This app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics365 Business Central
Supported countries ITALY
Supported languages IT and EN

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