Construction and Installation

Centralized project management for construction and installation companies


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Construction & Installation is a practice-oriented extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business, that supports construction & installation companies in all their daily administrative and logistic concerns. 


For construction and installation companies, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Construction & Installation offers fast and accurate calculation, using imported Excel spreadsheets and standard tasks. The management of projects happens in a highly flexible way. For example, there is the possibility to enter more and less work during execution, an integrated hour registration with mobility allowance and a fast extraction of progress sheets, thanks to automatic indexing.

Projects and documents are managed centrally and electronically and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Construction & Installation integrates very user-friendly with Microsoft Office. Construction companies mainly benefit from the extensive but easy follow-up of their projects (with or without subcontractors), as well as the costs incurred and planned. 



MS Dynamics 365 for Construction & Installation is one suite that covers the entire project follow-up. It is suitable for private and public tenders.


Supported Editions 

This app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries


Supported Languages

Dutch, English and French