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Port Call Registration

Ultimate Software B.V.

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Maritime Logistics Software, Seamless finance and operations Maritime software for D365.

For more than 15 years Ultimate Software has been developing and delivering tailored FlexPort & FlexShip solutions for maritime logistics processes. The software works as a module within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (F&O). The solutions are capable of handling your complex maritime logistics processes & data e.g.:
Base Data FlexPort & FlexShip handle large amounts of data for vessels, ports, quays, routes, types of cargo, purpose of call etc etc. This means that information is entered only once and then re-used within the relevant processes.
Port Call This is where all the information of an individual port call is registered, such as: - arrival and departure (date, time, quay, last/next port, etc.) - loading, discharging, bunkering (port, nature of goods and quantity) - shipping actions (end of sea voyage, pilot on board, etc.) Registration can also take place through an agency portal or electronic data transfer with a PCS (Port Community System). The port call functionality includes handling of quay conflicts and registration of crane / resource reservations. The registration of facts is used to calculate services fees. These details are used for the calculation of disbursements and invoicing.
Duties Pre-defined port tariffs (for instance; vessel duty, dockage, wharfage and fresh water deliveries) are defined and used for a standard calculation of a vessel’s calling expenses, which can then be adjusted to the operational situation on each port call.
Services Templates can be setup that define sets of services and fees that are applicable to a certain port call. The services can be physical actions as well as different types of fees e.g. for vessels, pilots, tugs, line handlers, use of cranes, manpower, etc. Multiple service sets (e.g. dispatch note or work order) may be applicable to a port call, each with its own unique service / dispatch number. This setup makes it possible to create many work orders per port call. For each service an unlimited number of resources can be attached to calculate capacity utilization, throughput times as well as costs.
Invoicing The registered duties and services on the port call are the basis for invoicing. FlexPort offers several inquiries to find non-invoiced transactions. Depending on the parameter set-up and approval procedures, single or multiple invoices are generated. Per port call multiple parties may act as invoice parties.
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