Factory Online 365 Warehouse Mobile Connector

di Dreija Oy

Real-time weight data reading in Warehouse Management mobile app

Automated Weighing

Weighing is an integral part of many manufacturing and logistics processes. Manual weighing proved to be one of the most error prone operations that are leading to stock control issues and higher operational costs. Automated real time integration between scales and WMS/ERP system removes manual work, improves visibility and makes weighing process more predictable.

Journey to Industry 4.0​

Factory Online 365 Warehouse Mobile Connector seamlessly connects Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management mobile app to the warehouse equipment such as floor scale, bench scale, forklift scale, checkweigher or weighbridge. By supporting +100 industrial protocols it is leveraging existing infrastructure and follows "no rip and replace" strategy to reduce costs and implementation time. Mobile Connector easily integrates into warehouse operations without any custom code by using standard Warehouse Management mobile app detour feature.

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