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Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Based ERP for Government Contractors

Contractor 360 is a Fully FAR compliant financial management solution built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics Platform allowing for rapid modular deployments in the cloud while leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft AI, and Microsoft 365. Our comprehensive Capture, Forecast, Budget, Contracts and Financial functionality provides a complete organizational management solution allowing contractors to run their organizations from all levels and disciplines in a very sophisticated and granular manner.
Contractor 360 enables compliance for companies that receive Federal Contract and or Grant awards and must adhere to regulatory requirements including:
Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR)
Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)
Defense Contract Auditing Agency (DCAA)
Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS)

Contractor 360 features:

  • Supports Multiple Industries: Professional Services, Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, Real Estate and Logistics.
  • Dashboards deliver Operational and Executive Information with real time record drill down capability.
  • Microsoft Cloud allows team members to work in a highly secure environment from any location.
  • Full Lifecycle support: Budget, Capture, Operations, Financial, Program, Contract/Grant, and Project Management.

Contractor 360 functionality:

FAR Compliant:
  • Cloud-enabled Timekeeping.
  • Segregation of Cost.
  • Actual Indirect Rate Calculations.
  • Indirect Cost Allocations.
  • Fully supports All Contract Types: Cost Plus, Time and Material, Fixed Price.
Capture Management
  • Higher overall win rate.
  • Best bid strategies via knowledge warehouse.
  • Accurate Forecasting.
Budget & Forecast Management
  • Budgeting of all resource types: Hourly, Exempt, Non-exempt.
  • All Contract Types supported (FFP, Cost-based, T&M, etc.).
  • Automated cost and revenue calculations.
  • Automated multi-layered resource & project burdening.
  • Unlimited Forecasting Scenarios supported by real time actuals.
Contracts Management
  • Vehicle, contract, and delivery order management.
  • Modification Management.
  • Subcontractor Management
Operational Intelligence
  • Role and Rule based analytics - “who should be notified of what”.
  • Project, Divisional and Enterprise Financial Analysis. 
  • ROI and ROS on Major Lines of Business.
  • Schedule of Contracts and Margin analysis.

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