Safe Screen: Workforce Check-in App

di Arbela Technologies Corp.

Two steps to contactless check-in ensuring the health of your team and your business

Organizations looking to mitigate the risk of having employees return to in-person work need technology solutions that help safely enable contactless employee monitoring on-site. Safe Screen: Workforce Check-in App is a dynamic assessment tool to identify if an individual is suspected of being exposed to, or having, an infectious disease before they enter a facility with staff. 

With a combination of thermal imaging hardware, Microsoft Power Apps, Azure Cognitive Service, Machine Learning, and other technologies, ArganoArbela has developed a solution to help provide a safer working environment. Workers first take an assessment by answering questions within the check-in application upon arrival at a facility or closed environment, and based on the answers, workers can get automatically rerouted to an area where further screening can be done if required. Confidentiality of individuals is respected and the results of the dynamic assessment is not accessible and is in compliance.

Then our Safe Screen using thermal technology helps identify employees who may be sick to protect those who aren’t by automating and reducing the time involved for screening employees, reducing person-to-person contact during the check-in process, and increasing the detection of COVID-19 symptoms. Our system automates most steps to securely connect the routing of critical information and protects employee privacy. All information collected can be stored, and if required, reported to the Health Department while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

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