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Operational Readiness Activation and Transition (ORAT) Software

Axis ORAT's operational readiness activation and transition (ORAT) software is designed to assist facility owners and stakeholders in bridging the gap between construction completion and facility operations. Our software provides a structured approach to facility activation and transitions.

Project management and facility activation are complex. Axis ORAT software was developed with the goal of making it easier for facility owners to track their risk level, project health, and easily determine each stakeholder’s level of readiness for operating and maintaining new facilities.

Axis ORAT software brings a new level of collaboration and integration to your projects. Our software solution will allow you to reduce risk and increase transparency on your facility construction projects.

With decades of experience in opening complex facility projects such as airports, hospitals and healthcare campuses, maintenance facilities, and event venues; you can trust that our templated activation software will guide your teams successfully through your construction projects.

Stakeholders will be able to manage all areas of their project activation in our ORAT software. A few of those areas include trial management, risk and issue tracking, working group management, procedure development, training coordination and tracking, project and operational reports, trial and simulation management, and asset tracking.

When using Axis ORAT software on your projects, you'll be able to transition from construction to operations quicker, while saving money and reducing your opening risk. Our project ensures that no details fall through the cracks and your customers will be able to experience your new facilities the way you've envisioned.

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