Retail Store Audit App

di Data Semantics Pvt Ltd

Retail Store Audit App- Be informed real-time of the status of the retail audits.

With excessive dependence on excel sheets and paper-based audit, retailers miss out on the credibility of data. As a result, the original representation of the overall performance of the business is missing. Data Semantics Retail Store Audit App is a low-code, quick-deploy app aimed at digitizing the current mundane process of aggregating the information as part of a retail audit on an excel sheet or papers and compiling the Audit report. The app can work as a repository for audit details and can be synced with Power BI to get meaningful insights.

•Retail Audit App carries out all necessary steps without any limitations to number of questions to be fed for 100% compliance
•App to act as a central repository of Audit results and details
•Integrate with various Business Applications
•Create Audit Plan calendar and plan the Audit Routine
•Templatize the audit process

•Real-time analysis of Audit

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