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Omnichannel digital health engagement & social determinants of health

Modern Telehealth; Helping hospitals, employers, and health systems build end-to-end health engagement with community organizations to address Social Determinants of Health.

Health Hero for Dynamics and its Modern Telehealth solution assists hospitals and organizations with the ability to provide well-being and engagement solutions for returning to work, COVID-19 symptom checking, safety and security, mental health, community well-being, and deliver social determinants of health. 

We close the loop on social service referrals: We work directly with our community-based partners so hospitals and health systems can effectively manage the full spectrum of patient needs and care, ensuring accountability and assurance that the referral loop is closed.

How We Make a Difference: 
  • Patient and Employee Outreach Simplified: Use text, voice, and/or email messaging to monitor patient behavior and provide more targeted automated outreach that feels “superhuman”. 
  • Relevant Workflows: Return to work, COVID-19 symptom checking, and safety & security workflows to support patients, employees, and community members.
  • Reduce Patient No-Shows: Reduce no-shows through automated text and phone call reminders, while also offering telemedicine options. Telemedicine can help you optimize your appointment schedule and get more patients in and out of your office on time.
  • Whole Person Management Care: Health Hero aims to support the whole person in one comprehensive solution integrating data sources that measure a person’s social determinants of health (SDOH).
  • Identify service gaps and at-risk populations: Generate insights with our customized health risk assessment questionnaire to enable early interventions.

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