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Engage 365

Levtech Consulting

Incentivize your customer, manage earn / burn, redemption, rewards and more in a personalized manner

Engage 365 is a customer engagement solution built by Yegertek, the product division of Levtech, on Microsoft's Dynamics 365 platform which enables organizations to interact with their customers in a personalized, contextual manner. The solution leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (formerly Dynamics CRM), Microsoft Social Engagement, Power BI and Azure, to bring forth a whole new level of personalization to the shopping journey across multiple platforms (or multiple touch points). The solution also comes with a flexible loyalty engine that can help you incentivize customers and drive loyalty through points generation and redemption of points based on their purchase behavior ,marketing engagement and brand engagement across channels. The highly flexible and configurable loyalty rule engine, helps creating different loyalty programs within same organization, have trigger based , event based, product based, spend based point generation, gratification and also redemption. Engage 365 also helps retailers and consumer oriented organizations segment their customers for marketing automation, reduce customer churn and increase acquisition of new customers. The solution leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365’s dashboard functionality as well as Power BI to provide an array of important reports that give insight into customer behavior, sales patterns and the co-relation between the two. Dynamics 365 is also integrated with best of breed customer survey solutions such as Kanari and has inbuilt survey capabilities that help gauge customer satisfaction, track sentiment and provide actionable insights to create a great customer experience. The social engagement module drills down into the Big Data captured from Internet and social platforms, enabling organizations to understand how a brand is perceived, analyze customer behavior and sentiment as well as identify issues that costumers may have reported on-line.