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Dynamic FRM – Formula and Recipe Management

Dynamic FRM Description

Product Development and Quality Assurance teams can now manage Ingredients, Formulas, Recipes and more in a robust centralized solution – built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Dynamic FRM provides a collaborative solution for the product development cycle encompassing everything from ideation to creation.


Dynamic FRM™ was conceived as a centralized solution for companies that have a formula-based development process for products. While the logical target has been food and beverage manufacturers, there is a value of the product to any company that uses formulas to develop products (i.e. cosmetics, nutraceuticals, plastics, etc.).

Dynamic FRM™ allows companies to eliminate spreadsheets and documents saved throughout the organization with an easy to use, centralized and secure “single version of the truth” available at the click of a button. The solution not only tracks raw materials and formulas, it also tracks the entire packaging hierarchy from ideation to launch. Benefits include improved change management and administration of company assets and a more process-driven approach to tracking and compliance requirements and the ability to…

  • Manage Formula & Recipe Nutritional values
  • Leverage BOM management – finished good through ingredient
  • Utilize role-based security / role-based experience
  • Manage change with built-in business logic for workflow routing
  • Provide visibility through dashboards and reports
  • Mange the entire Product Development Cycle with a robust project management module
  • Manage supplier regulatory compliance and enable supplier self-service
  • Leverage native integration with the entire Microsoft suite of Office tools
  • Manage packaging – colors, images, patterns

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